H4 Rights

H4 Rights

I knew life is not a bed of roses but I realized that life can be a bed of thorns when one is in a H4 visa. People who are on other visas may think that I am exaggerating but this is what I feel and let me justify my opinion.

Life in H4 visa looks lucrative to others but the suffering one undergoes takes many forms like emotional distress, financial dependency, depression, lack of self-confidence. Pity is the spouses and children born here have a social security but we are insecure in this land.

A lot of women and some men who are well educated and financially independent come to America to realize their “American dream” along with their spouse, but after coming here they get trapped in the house and most of them want to go back home but their spouses are busy realizing their so called “American dream”. Some H4 are frustrated to that extend that they leave their family life and head back home leaving their spouse and head back home. A lot others, who do not want to sacrifice their family go ahead to suffer in the H4 prison.

People ask you what causes distress. You can well stay at home and enjoy your marital life…. I ask them is this for what I spent almost 25 yrs of my life educating me. Also it’s not fair for the government to waste all our talent. They complain of a lack of science, technology, engineering and mathematics graduates, but fail to recognize a lot of S.T.E.M. resources wasted at home who can be an essential resource to their economy.

Also there are a lot of instances of H4 being ill-treated by their spouse. We all deserve to be independent and respected. So having said so much I come to the final conclusion that the “H4 VISA SUFFERINGS ARE FOR REAL”.

Author: ANURADHA BALASUBRAMANIAN – She is a young aspirant of life science and she believes in hard work, commitment, dedication, perseverance and patience. A strong willed person with firing ambitions eager to achieve great heights and to make bring her contributions to the field of science.

Education: University of Madras, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, INDIA
Ph.D., in Crystallography and Biophysics (Thesis submitted) Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, INDIA
M.Sc., Industrial Biotechnolgy (JUNE 2007)
B.Sc., Biotechnology (JUNE 2005)


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