Many Canadian citizens are often eager to move or come to work in the United Sates.  As such they are always looking into options to work, invest or immigrate to the USA.  Since Canada is a “sister country” there are many options which a Canadian citizen can consider for their move to the United States.  Here are few options which should help or guide someone in this endeavor. Note that this is just a quick approach, the best is to call a good immigration lawyer to help on the matter. If you need more help, kindly call the Shah Peerally Law Group PC at (510) 742 5887:

TN NAFTA Professionals – Created by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the TN visa is a very interesting visa because it allows those who are eligible to actually has an unlimited time to work in the United States. This visa is not very hard to obtain however it does not lead to a permanent residence and is not a dual intent visa. As such someone who is willing to file under TN, needs to find other ways to actually file for a permanent residence.  Nonetheless many on such visas have actually been able to file for a labor certification and ultimately a permanent residence, but there are issues which should be discussed with your attorney before making choice. You can call 510 742 5887 for help.

E1/E2 Treaty visas – The E1 visas are intra transferee investors while the E2 seems to be more interesting where an investor can actually buy certain business and actually file for an investor visa while allowing the spouse and the children to also legally stay in the United States. However, just like the TN visa, the E2 does not lead to permanent residence and the same steps need to be taken to move forward in a permanent residence.

L1A/L1B – L1 A are for multinationals intra transferee executives or managers and L1B are for specialized occupations and are actually very good options in case one qualifies for such visas. The L1A or L1B are dual intent visas and can actually be option to obtain a permanent residence under EB1c categories.

The above are just few options available for Canadian citizens, however a closer look at a case might open more options to a candidate who wants to move to the United States. As such it is recommended to actually contact a good immigration lawyer to help on the matter. The Shah Peerally Law Group PC has proven itself as one of the most reliable law firm in the United States, their work is unique and calling them for a consultation might be helpful in your endeavor. The number to call is 510 742 5887.



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