03 Sep

Is it time for practicing Muslims to leave France? | French Muslims opportunities in the USA and Canada

Following the French law and issues regarding the Burkini and Muslims “ban” in France many Muslims are thinking of leaving France for a better life. The truth is that French society is now known to be intolerant. While France portrays itself as a country of freedom, it can also be as oppressive as many other…


22 Jun

H-1B Immigration Lawyers | Specialty Worker Visa

H-1B Immigration Lawyers | Specialty Worker Visa. H-1B is the most popular work visa in the H class of nonimmigrant visas.  In general, an H-1B visa is for a foreign worker coming to the US to temporarily perform services in a specialty occupation for a US employer. Of paramount concern is i) whether the job…


20 Jun

Some tips for H1B visa holders on lay-offs

1. Laid Off H-1B Employees With Advance Notice – What if you are an employee in H-1B status and you receive advance notice that you will be laid off before your validity period ends?  Can you change employers? USCIS Response:  Prior to being laid off, another qualified H-1B employer may file a Form I-129, Petition for…


06 Jun

AILA Calling on Samples of Denials based on Matter of Simeio Solutions

The American Immigration Lawyers Association after a discussing with their panel at the AILA conference, wants to now look into wrongful denials based on Simeio Solutions case, or H1B Amendment requirements. As you know many cases are being denied.  As such we call on everybody to actually follow the guidelines and send your denials to…


01 Jun

Using a B1 in lieu of H1B

With the H1B Cap met and the constant need to bring foreign talents to the United States, many companies are struggling to actually keep their companies requirements in term of specialized labor. One of the not so well-known option is the B1 in lieu of H1B. “B1 In Lieu of H1” visa The visa category…


30 May

Lawsuit on H1B lottery

Washington D.C. – The American Immigration Council (Council) and the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) have teamed up on a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) seeking information about the government’s administration of the H-1B lottery. The lawsuit, filed last Friday, was brought under the Freedom of…