ICE announced that it has established an email

According to the Decann Herald ICE is asking students to call 415-844-5320 and leave the voice message. An ICE representative will return the call, she said, adding that the students can also write to ‘SFRHSIFraud@dhs. gov’


We will not recommend calling the number above unless you are represented by counsel. Please read the rules of “Know Your Rights”

Release from Indian Consulate

For Students of Tri-Valley University
The Consulate, on behalf of students of Tri-Valley University affected by the action of ICE authorities, is taking up the matter with concerned authorities to find out how these students can be helped so that they can seek admissions in other universities or can go back honorably to India.

We have been contacted by a large number of students and to facilitate effective communication and dissemination of information, we will periodically update this space.

We are in touch with ICE and based on our meeting with them all affected students may take note of the following:

1. The ICE is expected to bring out a detailed advisory for all students of Tri Valley University sometime next week which will be available on its website. It will provide guidance to eligible students regarding what they can do to seek admission in other schools. There will be no blanket reactivation of SEVIS. It will be done on a case by case basis.

2. ICE has suggested that all students of TVU, wherever they are, should report to the nearest ICE office for instructions.

3. Eligible students will also have the option of seeking voluntary deportation after which they can again apply to other schools in the US.

4. Those students who are presently in India with TVU sponsored Visas should not travel to the US. They can apply to other universities and, if admitted, can apply for new visas.

5. ICE has advised that students thoroughly research the credentials of a university before applying for admission. They must ensure that the university is not only accredited at the Federal but also at the State level. For California, students can call California Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Private and Post Secondary Education at 1 (888) 370-7589 to find out about the accreditation status of the university.

6. Since TVU was not accredited by the above Department, its credits cannot be used for transfer to other universities. They will need to seek admissions afresh.

7. For students who came to the US very recently or transferred from other accredited universities to TVU or had lawful status in the US (for example H4) and are now holding F1 visas sponsored by TVU, should present their cases to ICE. Those students who are found by ICE not to be in violation of any visa or immigration laws are most likely to be given opportunity to adjust their status.

8. Please see the link below. At the bottom of the list, you will be able to find the free immigration legal service providers in the San Francisco Bay Area. . Some of these attorneys may even agree to accompany you when you report to the ICE. This might be helpful.

Students are also advised to convey their names and contact particulars to the Consulate.


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