As mentioned earlier things are actually getting worse for many students. The battle seems not to be over. On the contrary, it appears to have escalated. This is based on the overwhelming number of calls and emails we are receiving.

Again we will refer all students to our original guidelines. Make sure you have an attorney present before you meet with any ICE agents. Please have a G-28 on your case. For those in the Bay Area California please give us a call on 510 742 5887 ( and for those on the east coast on 646 470 9769 (

To reporters – TVU students need you to report the truth and the pain they are suffering. None of the good news presented by the so-called press releases have seemed to have ever materialized. We need a fair reporting of the facts.

If you want to talk to reporters talk to the correspondent of Time Now (Poonam Bajaj on 510-304-8654). Make sure the details on your case is not released. However you can tell the truth about the hardship.


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Shah Peerally is an attorney licensed in California practicing immigration law and debt settlement. He has featured as an expert legal analyst for many TV networks such as NDTV, Times Now and Sitarree TV. Articles about Shah Peerally and his work have appeared on newspapers such as San Jose Mercury News, Oakland Tribune, US Fiji Times, Mauritius Le Quotidien, Movers & Shakers and other prominent international newspapers. His work has been commended by Congress women Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Lee. He has a weekly radio show on KLOK 1170AM and frequently participates in legal clinics in churches, temples and mosques. His law group, Shah Peerally Law Group, has represented clients all over the United States constantly dealing with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), Immigration and Custom Enforcement(ICE) and CBP (Customs Border Patrol (CBP) under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This department was formerly known as the Immigration and Nationality Services (INS).