Imagine – no more Facebook, no more Wikipedia and no more Youtube!!! Can you??? The internet has changed the world with free information connecting families, friends but mainly helping passing the knowledge to an entire world. The internet even helped changing the political situations in countries like Egypt, and Tunisia. The internet is actually the media by the people for the people. Now with the SOPA, it might all change. We need to stand up against such bills. They go against the foundation and principles of the United States but also against all the principles of freedom.

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SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Act. On January 18, 2012, from approximately 8am to 8pm EST, many internet sites will be turning themselves off in protest. There are many articles and sites devoted to this and you can read a few of them via the links below. If you are using the internet tomorrow and stumble upon a site that is participating in the blackout, you will need to either wait until the blackout is over or find another source for the information you are searching. The simplest solution may be to use google or bing’s cache functionality to see a previous copy of the data.
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