In spite of enough enthusiasm and promises over the supposed immigration reform bill, nothing has really come off it as we all know. In order to get things going and giving the bit of a necessary push to probably get things going immigration reform activists are now preparing to stage yet another push that will encourage lawmakers to finally go for the overhaul of federal immigration laws. Whether this will convince the Republican-led House to act or not is of course something that remains to be seen.
The bill which had been aired some time back combining issues such as immigration law changes with that of border security and citizenship for millions of unlawful immigrants is a change in the right direction and one that needs to e implemented perhaps as soon as possible.

While the Republican House Speaker John Boehner has signaled his intention to move on immigration bills, so that it is passed easily in the house with a majority, but there has been no time frame mentioned for this yet, which makes keeps it hanging in the air.
Because of the hesitancy to go forward with the bill and its status quo, immigration reformers on the left and right are naturally anxious about the possibility of the bill becoming actually becoming a law ever. There are many who are apprehensive that if the package is not finalized by the end of this year because of the limited time on the House calendar, then would again be pushed back by spring 2015 which means only further delays.

In order to amend this, a group of right-leaning political activists have been planning a lobby day on Capitol Hill. This is purely from the point of view that it will make lawmakers sit up and take notice. And though the news is that the Republican House leaders are said to be working toward an immigration alternative, it may take some time before one actually sees it in final shape.
The groups the Southern Baptist Convention, Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform, the American Conservative Union are some of the groups that are taking this forward.

Conservatives should, he added, support a plan that includes “legalizing folks who are here and are not documented.”

All groups including those who support the fact that immigration laws need overhauling and those who believe that legalizing undocumented immigrants is necessary should be supporting any of the events which lead up to such protests forcing the government to take action. President Obama, in his own way has been pressurizing too for public to voice their protests so that the Congress takes action on this. In his speech he was quoted as saying on this very issue, “There are going to be moments where you meet resistance and the press will declare something dead — that it’s not going to happen,” He added that, “That can be overcome.”

Here’s looking forward that all these efforts will lead to a conclusion of a kind so that the process of reforming the immigration laws can be started as soon as possible.

Our law firm hopes that there will be an immigration reform which englobes both documented and undocumented folks. As thousands of people skilled workers wait for their “legalization”, it will only be fair that the reform helps all those on EB categories to get a permanent residence card as well as those who have been in this country for decades.


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