A Man’s True Worth

Author: Brooke Folk, freelance and short story writer, radio host, narrator, newspaper columnist: www.fiverr.com/BrookeNetwork
If there is a thread of truth that we can become whatever we set our minds to and that whatever we can conceive and believe we can achieve, then there is a man in these modern times that can be showcased as a deliberate creator in sculpting his life into being on a journey toward finding a man’s true worth.
Through experiences that ultimately builds a character in living life, a choice can be made to build upon that character that ultimately benefits others or ignore and rebel against the character choice and more or less become your own self defeating worst enemy and an empty shell of your true worth.
What is it that some tap into that intrigues others with a wonderment of how can one person accomplish so much while others are content in living a degree of a lethargic existence? Those who feign importance without substance is of a lesser worth toward themselves than the cost of their shoes as they tread on others to gain it.
There is a difference in a man who seeks self worth to be a worthy asset to society than a man who seeks financial worth for a measurable proof of success in the eyes of others. If self worth reeks of accumulations of material goods and possessions without sharing, then what drives their character? Your answer can be a degree of measurement of your very own character.
As a writer being given full measure to briefly write about my first impressions of an individual, I can only proceed if it is a positive one. Is it intuition or gut feelings or allowing my conscious to be my proverbial guide that the words form? Yes that and more. Platitudes are gross misjudgments and I don’t ask a reader to favor my opinions based on my flattery of words, instead I highlight and encourage your impressions via your personal research. I will say that it is very rare that an individual can impress upon me a respect that is far above the necessary self marketing materials that professionals and business leaders build their recognition.

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