What happened in Orlando is not really something that any reasonable person can explain. It is the work of someone full of hate. The LGBT community has always been the target of massive discrimination and now with the massacre, it seems that it is never ending for them. While most people in the LGBT community are not blaming Muslims or Immigrants, the right-wing is actually using this incident to their advantage. The Irony is that the right-wing hates the LGBT community more than any other groups. Moreover, the right-wing likes their assault rifles more than many others out there. But since it is a chance for them to actually hurt Muslims in one blow, they are not wasting time in passing their own judgment.

The right-wing I am talking about here is nothing more than the racist and bigot Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump. First on his twitter account, he wanted people to congratulate him for “being right” on the killing of innocents in Florida. Then now he is calling on a ban on immigration based on the massacre at the Pulse club.

How is immigration related to Orlando Massacre?

According to Abc News: “The massacre at an Orlando gay nightclub early this morning has been described as a “domestic terror incident,” with at least 50 dead and 53 injured, officials said, making it the worst mass shooting in U.S. history and the deadliest terror attack on U.S. soil since the events of Sept. 11, 2001.”

The perpetrator, Omar Mateen, was born in the United States and grew up with so-called American values. So how is it possible that his crime should be imputed to immigrants? Of course his father was an immigrant. Does that make him an immigrant? Under US immigration laws, at present time and for a while, those who are born on US soil albeit from foreign parents are considered US citizens. As such they can benefit from all the rights of a US citizen. So in what part is this related to immigration?

It seems that there is such an urge in the United States to blame others for internal problems that a racist like Donald Trump has already taken over this country.  Any time Donald Trump or his supporters lie, they blame it on others. For instance when a good judge of Mexican decent is presiding over the Trump University case, he was portrayed as a “criminal” by Trump just for being Mexican.  The truth unfortunately is that what Trump is echoing is nothing more than what most Republicans think. It seems that many are just “secretly” bigoted!

How is the event related to Islam?

First of all, Mateen allegedly declared his allegiance to ISIS, which in no way representing the 99% of Muslims around the world. Second, guilty by association has always been against the US Constitution.
Unfortunately again, Muslims are the target of the right- wing who are pushing their hate and xenophobic agenda.

While the event in Orlando is one of most horrible shooting in US history, it is as horrible to blame immigrants and Muslims for the act of terror.


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Shah Peerally is an attorney licensed in California practicing immigration law and debt settlement. He has featured as an expert legal analyst for many TV networks such as NDTV, Times Now and Sitarree TV. Articles about Shah Peerally and his work have appeared on newspapers such as San Jose Mercury News, Oakland Tribune, US Fiji Times, Mauritius Le Quotidien, Movers & Shakers and other prominent international newspapers. His work has been commended by Congress women Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Lee. He has a weekly radio show on KLOK 1170AM and frequently participates in legal clinics in churches, temples and mosques. His law group, Shah Peerally Law Group, has represented clients all over the United States constantly dealing with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), Immigration and Custom Enforcement(ICE) and CBP (Customs Border Patrol (CBP) under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This department was formerly known as the Immigration and Nationality Services (INS).