On his surprise address, on November 21 2016, President Donald Trump made a sharp turn on his priorities. He mentioned that he will be focusing on visa programs which take jobs from American workers. Trump will ask Department of Labor (DOL) to actually investigate such visas. According to Politico.com,

TRUMP’S DOL WILL TARGET VISA PROGRAMS: President-elect Donald Trump said Monday in a video message that he will “direct the Department of Labor to investigate all abuses of visa programs that undercut the American worker.” The directive is one of several executive actions that Trump plans to roll out on Day One. The scope of a possible visa investigation could be quite broad. Strong suspicions that guest-worker visas are sought by employers to bypass American workers have stalked the H-1B program (coveted by the tech industry), the H-2B program (a seasonal program for non-agricultural workers that supplies the U.S. with a reserve army of hedge-clippers) and, lately, the J-1 program (which allows foreign exchange students to work in the U.S.). On the campaign trail, Trump sent mixed signals about how he would handle the H-1B visa program. Eventually he issued a statement saying he would end the use of H-1Bs to supply “cheap labor.”

Unfortunately, it is still not very clear what he will do with other parts of immigration including unlawful workers, DACA and the wall. At this point in time we can only speculate about the future of many of the visas, he mentioned.


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