11 Mar

Do not fall prey to H1B predator employers!

H1B visa is opening soon and many are those who will just be subject to predator employers which will only take advantage of those seeking an H1B visa. This video is meant to guide and help the students in the quest for an H1B visa. We hope it helps.


08 Mar

Is the TN visa under NAFTA in jeopardy?

Lately many have been talking about the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) including Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump who actually believe it is a “bad” deal for the United States. For those who don’t know, the NAFTA comes with a special visa call the TN visa. See video below for what is a TN…


03 Mar

Trump changing position on H1B visa program

Donald Trump an avid advocate of anti-immigration groups, today in the GOP debate changed his position to say as reported by Fox News: Republican front-runner Donald Trump said Thursday he is softening his stance on visas for highly-skilled workers. “I’m changing. We need highly-skilled people in this country,” Trump said during the Fox News Republican…


11 Nov

Matter SK&NKU- Inc – Accounting and Bookkeepers are not Specialty Occupations according to the AAO

In the Matter of SK& NKU Inc. in an non-precendent decision, the AAO has decided that Accounting or Bookkeeping are not specialty occupations and thus cannot obtained an H1B. Note this decision is non-precedent which means it cannot really be used as an authoritative decision. However, this decision can be used as an example when…


13 Jun

What can I do if my H1B case was rejected?

Now that the USCIS H1B 2016 selection is done, if you applied under the H1b Cap and did not get either  a receipt or your checks have not been cashed, you have to come to terms that your case did not make it through the H1B lottery.  This means that you need to find other…


22 May

New H1B Amendment Requirement Rule

H1b Amendment under the new rule of Simeio Solutions Decision from Shah Peerally, Attorney at Law