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H4 Visa Rights

I am a qualified, dying to work spouse who is stuck at home on H4. I would like to extend my support to any cause intending to get work authorization for people on H4.



I work As a recruiter and speak to tonnes of talented, well qualified and experienced individuals stuck on a h4 visas-its a waste of talent – one that the US economy is striving to find and fighting for! The rules are unfair! The regulations should be the same as those for L2 visas. infact, US is the only country I know that doesn’t allow work rights on spouse visa (h4). People need to question this – n decide if they even want to continue living here or relocate and contribute towards an economy that allows spouses to work! This needs to change before promising careers of many are destroyed!



I completely agree with the approach to make the Government apprised of situation that every H4 Visa holder goes through. I believe most of the H4 visa holders are highly qualified individuals and have proven technical , functional skills & ability to serve for umpteen American Software / Technical giants back in their respective country. They deserve to be working to keep their career growing and thus making a great contribution to the Growth of US Economy. Thanks for this initiative Peerally. We all appreciate your efforts



Justice for all hard working people who need H4 visas. This will also help stimulate the economy.

Alvin Datt


I think this law needs to change for the following reasons: 1. At a socio-cultural level, these spouses (unlike tourists) spend a considerably long time in the United States. By not allowing them to work, they have (effectively) limited socialization opportunities with the larger society. 2. By having laws, which (during implementation) reinforce gender prejudices, we are only strengthening the inequalities that already exist between the genders. Children growing up in these households will learn important cultural cues regarding gender stereotypes from what they see in their families. 3. Most of these spouses are highly skilled in their own rights and can productively contribute to the economy through gainful employment, taxes and enhanced consumer spending (from their incomes).



Having spend more than a decade…ya you heard me right …it’s 11 yrs….. of my life on this status…it is very painful & frustrating. I have no confidence left in me to do anything in life. Hope & pray this cause get’s some justice & helps h4 visa holders to live their life & not kill their dream & hopes.



I on H-4 Visa holding a bachelors degree with 4 years experience. But still Sitting idle and wasting my time at home made me sign this letter



I am in my 3rd year on an H4. It’s been tougher than I thought. I have always worked since I left school, I’m a qualified Funeral Director/Embalmer and now feel that I have brain freeze. I feel totally dependent on my husband, I have no independence and can get very depressed. We are now in a financial dilema, because I now have a brain tumor which was diagnosed last year, just as I was changing health insurance and now I am sitting here, uninsured, as no carrier will take me on, or my kids, even though the tumor is benign and I receive no treatment for it. We pay taxes, we obey all the rules of the land, but we cannot earn a penny. After uprooting our kids once, it now looks as though we might have to go back to the UK as the only way I can get insured, is through my husbands work, but it’s too expensive on one wage, so we’re back to square one. I see no reason why spouses of H visas cannot work but spouses of L visas can, it makes no sense to me :-((



I am in U.S from last 2 and half yrs.I am on h4 visa.I am a physical therapist from india and here they had made the procedure so hard to get job here.First ,I was made to do 60 credits ,which has no meaning to me,anyways I have completed my credits .now I have to file for my H1 visa .now they are going to convert my indian education into the U..S one and see where it stands and if they decide that my indian education is not enough then i have to wait for green card which will take 3-4 yrs to get the job .btw after coming here ,being away from family and no friends here ,I was diagnosed with anxiety and thyroid ,which has made my life miserable.Just want to get out of it and the only way is to get working visa.



A large percentage of highly skilled worker spouses on H4 are well educated in science and technology but forcing a full time 40hr job on aonther H1B is just a collosal waste of human talent at much needed time in this country.



Suffering from the brunt of H4 financially and emotionaly too. Inspite of having a Masters degree , I am wasting my time and energy on other things.



Being on H4 visa has been very difficult mentally, after working for 4 years in India and having independent and busy life, here due to visa issues I cannot work and have to be totally dependent for smallest of things. It ends up in being in a state of loss of confidence eventually. I wish that something gets done soon with this petition, as changing status from H4 in a non IT profession is so difficult.



Suffered for six long years due to this H4 curse. My husband could not work here but my job was here on H1B. Struggled so hard and he also tried to change his career to IT to get H1B visa but it just did not work out, first with the H1 lottery in 2007, 2008 and then with the recession.. I have a small child and we always lived apart because my husband couldnt work here. Our family suffered so much because of the split. We wanted to settle down so badly, were ready to invest and buy a house if a visa worked out. Now, we have given up and are ready to move to Canada or any other country that provides better opportunities and does not discriminate against a particular group of people. Thank you to the US for whatever you have given us so far unfortunately or fortunately for us we are now ready to move on with their lives. Glad to see Shah Perally and others taking initiative but I have spent way too many days longing to see if there are any updates on the US government websites on H4 legally being able to work. I will still support this cause for the benefit of others but my sincere advice to all you men and women suffering because of H4 – There are many other opportunities available around the globe. USA is not the end of it. It took six long years to dawn on me. People advised us to move to Canada in 2006-2007, but we somehow wanted to make it here. It’s not worth it to lose your life here. Good luck to all of you.

H4 Sufferer

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