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I have been on H4 Dependent Visa for half years and I already felt the stress inside myself. It is hard to imagine how much stress , depress, insecure feeling H4 visa holders undertake. WE WANT TO GET THE RIGHT TO WORK AND STOP WASTING LIFETIME WITH NOTHING. Please let our hopes come true.

Katie H


I hope one day all h4’s are given EAD / right to work which should happen soon. H4 life is terrible in this country. Have come here with lot of hope and dreams but could not believe how tough to live on h4
Deepthi m


Life of dependency is not what I had in mind growing up. I want to work towards my professional career and not be the reason to drag my husband back to home country giving away opportunity he has here.



I support the fact that an individual who is capable and holds appropriate skill set should be allowed to work and should not waste their time and talent by idling time at home. It is very sad to see so many home makers quit their job from a foreign country to be with their partners in US. If not at par with the H1B privileges, I would still suggest that there should be certain amount of liberty given to work and earn for the H4 visa holders. By doing this, along with the financial support it will also generate a healthy work life balance for the married couples or individuals holding the H4 visa. Great initiative and hoping to see some positive results.



Its been almost 2 years on H4 visas in US. I have MSc in Finance from UK. Expecting my 1st Kid in 4 months. Expenses are growing and I am losing my Skill sets achieved from my 5 years of work experience and my Education. Its really strange that I can work in other foreign soil than my country of citizenship but in US, although we being paying taxes in married category.