25 Mar

Tri Valley University President, Suzanne Su, convicted of 35 counts of Visa Fraud

The Tri Valley University(TVU) saga was an amazing episode of ‘Student Visa’ problems.  It was probably one of biggest immigration scandal in this decade.  The entire system was questioned including the way school are granted permission to issue student visas (I-120) to the pain of being duped as a foreign student . Hundreds of students…


31 Jan

President Obama and Congress now Pushing for STEM visa – Immigration Reform – Immigration Innovation Act

By: Shah Peerally Esq. Update on the Immigration Innovation Act 2013. Please Read the Details on the Immigration Innovation Act 2013 and listen to the Special Radio Show here Full Text Immigration_Innovation_Act   The Republicans have actually submitted the Bill (Immigration Innovation Act) today January 28th 2013.  Hopefully this will actually be considered in the…