03 Dec

Top 5 Reasons to Quickly file for your citizenship.

With the immigrants’ fear soaring after the U.S elections, we are recommending to people who are eligible to file for their U.S citizenship to actually move forward with their applications. The five reasons stated below are just few of many on why someone should actually apply for naturalization (i.e. citizenship). The main reasons we are…


18 Nov

Special Registry for Muslims using Japanese Internment as a precedent.

For those who have experienced the Japanese internment camps and special registration of Muslims after 9/11 under National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS), they know how painful such practices are.  The Japanese internment and the NSEERS were among the most shameful practices of the United States during world war II and after September 11. Ultimately,…


21 Mar

Radio Law Show March 21 2016

March 21 2016 – If you missed our law show today, please listen to the answers from Shah Peerally on H4 visas, H4 EAD, H1B transfer, F1 visa opt, citizenship, asylum permanent residence application, and many other important immigration issues.


15 Mar

Donald Trump as President and Immigration Reform!

Immigration is at the center of the 2016 Presidential election. As the situation unfolds, there is a big chance that Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States and as such it is important for us to analyze the implications of a Trump’s presidency on immigration and a new ‘negative’ immigration reform….


12 Mar

US Citizenship Questions and Answers – Latest Published in January 2016

After filing your form N400 for your citizenship application, paying the fees and completing your citizenship fingerprint and background check, you will be called for an immigration naturalization interview and will be given a civic and english test. The civic test is based on US history and government and you need to answer 6 good…