15 May

Basic items to have to file for an Immigration Marriage Petition

It is not necessary to have an attorney to file for your marriage petition. However, having a good immigration attorney helping you in the process can make the difference between an approval and a denial. This legal guide will give you some tips and checklist of few of the necessary documents that you would want…


09 May

The danger of using an unaccredited or ‘shady diploma mill’ school to obtain immigration benefits!

USCIS and ICE (under the Department of Homeland Security) formerly known as the Immigration Nationality Services (INS) have recently been looking into ‘diploma mills’ and ‘fake certificates’ in order to obtain immigration benefits including H1Bs, O, and L1 visas.


08 May

A new turn in the Tri Valley University(TVU) Saga…

After the arrest of Susanne Sue (president of Tri Valley University), we were all expecting that the investigation was nearing an end. Unfortunately from the phone calls we are getting from many, it seems that the “saga” is not over. Unfortunately we now are aware that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is not only…


23 May

How is a typical interview at the Immigration Office is conducted?

This is a short guide about a USCIS regular interviews. It does not include any sort of “special” situations. Many of our clients are fearful on this day especially because it is at the discretion of one person. I have compiled few things that happens at this interview to help. 1. The interview process (using the…