25 May

Our law firm has successfully dealt with the H1B January 2010 Neufeld Memo!

Last year, we wrote a an article on the H1B January 2010 Neufeld Memo – “Will Donald Neufeld’s 2010 USCIS Memo for H-1B Petitions be a Harmless Paper Tiger?”. This memo puts a huge emphasis on the Right to control. Many IT consulting firms have been discouraged to file new H1B visas just because of…


15 Jan

Reasons Companies should prepare early for the 2010 H1B Season – Delays Caused By iCert Glitches

By: Hasan Abdullah, Esq April 1st has been considered an important deadline to file H1B petitions due to what is known as the “H-1B cap.” Congress has mandated a quota on how many new H1Bs may be issued every year. It has been generally set at 65,000 visas per year with an additional 20,000 for…