25 Mar

Tri Valley University President, Suzanne Su, convicted of 35 counts of Visa Fraud

The Tri Valley University(TVU) saga was an amazing episode of ‘Student Visa’ problems.  It was probably one of biggest immigration scandal in this decade.  The entire system was questioned including the way school are granted permission to issue student visas (I-120) to the pain of being duped as a foreign student . Hundreds of students…


22 Jul

Deja Vue – Tri Valley University back in the news!

CanadaUpdates wrote today: Varsity Shams: American Education’s New Claim to Shame America’s perfect academic dream is rooted with flaws. Foreign students arriving into the US to pursue higher studies are now bearing the brunt of giving into its universities’ tall promises. After the killing of Prasanth Goinka, a student of Indian origin, the investigation revealed…


20 Apr

Some Updates about on – Tri Valley University issues….

Having extensively discussed Tri Valley University (TVU) in the last few months, we have come to the conclusion that the cases will be considered on case by case basis. From the cases we have handled, those are the issues and possibilities we have noticed: 1. Reinstatement has probably become the only way for TVU students…