04 Sep

USCIS Grants All Available U Visas for Fiscal Year 2017

USCIS has approved the congressionally mandated annual limit of 10,000 petitions for U nonimmigrant status for victims of certain crimes committed in the United States who assist law enforcement authorities. Although USCIS cannot grant any more U visas in fiscal year (FY) 2017, we will continue to review pending petitions for eligibility for potential visa…


21 Oct

Some Answers on U visas from AILA’s meeting with the DHS

The NSC Liaison Committee’s official Q&As from the 10/13/16 teleconference relating to humanitarian, document production, and status/family issues. Topics included: refugee travel documentation and work authorization, and the implementation and status of the U visa unit at the NSC. U Visas 1. Please provide information on the implementation of the U visa unit at NSC,…


20 Jun

CIS Ombudsman’s Recommendation on Parole for Eligible U Visa Principals and Derivative Petitioners Residing Abroad

June 16, 2016 Due to the lack of a uniform U visa parole policy, eligible victims subject to the U visa cap often remain abroad, despite clear Congressional intent they be afforded entry and an express regulatory obligation to be paroled into the United States while awaiting an available visa. U petitioners granted deferred action…


13 Jun

Orlando Events and Impact on Immigration

What happened in Orlando is not really something that any reasonable person can explain. It is the work of someone full of hate. The LGBT community has always been the target of massive discrimination and now with the massacre, it seems that it is never ending for them. While most people in the LGBT community…


07 Apr

Updates on University of Northern New Jersey

On April 5th 2016, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) closed down a school known as the University of Northern New Jersey (UNNJ). UNNJ was set up by the government as a sting operation to “trap” both brokers and foreign students on possible visa fraud. The operation had twenty-one brokers charged with several counts of visa…


29 Mar

Who can get a U visa?

The U visa is given to those who were victims of certain qualifying crimes and have been helping the law enforcement in the case. Qualifying Criminal Activities Abduction Abusive Sexual Contact Blackmail Domestic Violence Extortion False Imprisonment Female Genital Mutilation Felonious Assault Fraud in Foreign Labor Contracting Hostage Incest Involuntary Servitude Kidnapping Manslaughter Murder Obstruction…


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