25 Apr

Will the US Supreme Court uphold Arizona bill SB 1070 and allow Arizona to enforce its own immigration laws?

The famous or infamous Arizona Immigration Bill (SB 1070) is making a comeback this week by the US Supreme Court willingness to hear the oral arguments on the case. This law if passed might have a huge effect not only on Arizona but on many states in the US regarding passing ‘their own immigration laws’….


28 Jun

List of E1 and E2 Visas

Treaty Countries Country Classification Effective Date Albania E-2 January 4, 1998 Argentina E-1 October 20, 1994 Argentina E-2 October 20, 1994 Armenia E-2 March 29, 1996 Australia E-1 December 16, 1991 Australia E-2 December 27, 1991 Austria E-1 May 27, 1931 Austria E-2 May 27, 1931 Azerbaijan E-2 August 2, 2001 Bahrain E-2 May 30,…


13 Jun

The New Arizona Immigration Bill…In the eye of an immigrant born in the USA

Legal discrimination in the United States was supposed to have come to an end nearly half a century ago, and technically it has. Today, thanks to the sacrifices of so many Americans during the civil rights era, the federal government has outlawed and deemed unconstitutional any law or regulation that could even be perceived as…


09 Feb

Do not have checkstubs and still want to transfer your H1B?

Options for Laid off or Benched H-1B Workers Send to a Friend By: Hasan Abdullah, Esq. So you’ve been laid off or have been benched without pay, and you’re concerned about your H-1B work status. Perhaps you’ve been without employment for months, and finally found an interested employer who told you that they would hire…