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Immigrating to the United States is a dream for many people, but at the same time it can be a complicated process, unless you have a good lawyer backing you in the right time with the right advice. It is therefore very important that you make the right choice, while selecting an Immigration lawyer. But there are thousands of immigration lawyers in the United States at present. Keeping this large number of immigration lawyers in mind, you will have to make a wise choice, because not all of them are good at what they do. In fact you will find that a large number of such lawyers are out to make a quick buck, without understanding the responsibility of a client lawyer relation. Many of them do not care whether your immigration problems have been successfully sorted out or not once they have received their money. The lack of personal attention and concern in such cases can be devastating for an already hassled client. It is here that the Shah Peerally Law Group is different. Not only are we a law firm that has the necessary legal expertise, but we prefer doing business with the heart and compassion towards our client’s situation.

If you are dealing with US Immigration, it is always best that you get yourself a good lawyer who will help you out with the intricacies of the process, since there can be plenty of legal tangles that you might not e aware of. But before you do so, you must be sure of how to go about choosing the right Immigration Lawyer for yourself.  The Shah Peerally Law Group, being experienced in matters of immigration want their clients to be educated in why they should chose the right law and why Shah Peerally is a safe bet for them.

Before you invest your time, money and trust in an Immigration layer, make sure you have these points figured out:

Check for references

Ask your friends, family, colleagues or people who have actually gone through the process of Immigration successfully sing such a lawyer. You are sure to get the best inputs from suc people. Even if people haven’t been through immigration themselves, or used the lawyer personally, they might know other people who have done so. The word of mouth being very strong, people are quick to recommend and name good and bad lawyers. This can help you make your decision in choosing the right immigration lawyer.

Talk to probable candidates

You might want to talk to the probable people who you have shortlisted to represent you. By talking to such people, you will get a fair idea of what their mode of working is , their behavior, their expertise in the job and whether you are comfortable sharing your situation with them. When you talk to them you will know, if they have the potential to handle your case, and if they have had experience with other cases like yours before. You might also want the lawyers to provide you with client references, so that you can use these references to understand the lawyer and their working style better. The Shah Peerally Law Group is transparent with its clients and prospective clients can go through the group’s past history and client speak on their website, which will give them a good idea of the working of the group.

The Community Reputation of the lawyer

If you belong to a particular community of immigrants, it would often be a good idea to ask people of the same community about the lawyer you have in mind. Find out if your lawyer has a good reputation in the community you belong to. If any other immigrants from your country have used this lawyer you can ask them about your experiences with the lawyer.

If your lawyer has a good “word of mouth” recommendation, chances are that you have found the right immigration lawyer for yourself. The Shah Peerally Law Group has had a tremendous goodwill amongst the community that we have worked in. Shah Peerally, the president and Managing attorney of the Shah Peerally Law Group has been associated with several such charitable work in the communities that the group works in.

Make sure your lawyer is a member of the AILA

AILA is a national association of lawyers and attorneys. You need to check if your lawyer is registered with the AILA. This will make sure that your lawyer has the competency for handling Immigration cases and understands the policies too and also help you in your choice of choosing the right Immigration lawyer. An AILA is not membership is a good indication of the lawyer’s level of commitment to his/her practice and competency too.

Compare fee structures

Compare the fee structures of the different lawyers you have in mind while choosing the right Immigration lawyer. Different lawyers have different fee structures; make sure you understand the finances before you make your decision.

Check for the lawyer’s credentials

Before choosing the right immigration lawyer for yourself make sure you have checked his/her credentials. You might want to contact your local state bar to find out about the lawyer’ and their firm’s reputation and whether their licensed is in good standing, and if he or she has ever been come under disciplinary action.

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