I have tried to compile the requests of the students in few words. Please feel free to pass it around:

1. We request that the innocent students  be able to transfer to another school and maintain a valid status without prejudice;

2. We request all the Radio Tags  be removed and passport be returned;

3. We request that ICE stop issuing NTAs (Notice to Appear) arbitrarily; and

4. We request that all the previous NTAs issued be rescinded or withdrawn.

The above are simple and very direct requests. Please pass it to everybody. It is unfair that we are focusing only on part 2 (Radio Tags removal) while all the other important parts are being ignored.

Note that we have started gathering momentum with the press and Civil rights organizations, any time we are content with just the removal of “few radio tags”, the momentum is broken. Please make sure that everybody knows that the problem is ongoing and our law firm is here to support you.

Shah Peerally

Shah Peerally Law Group PC



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