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H4 Visa Holders

“I see plenty of young smart people, highly educated, brilliant innovative minds, well versed in the English Language, Very Knowledgeable spouses, here in the US, living & wasting away their talents. Their Crime? An H-4 visa status that currently keeps them from being in Gainful Employment? How terribly sad! On the contrary if they are permitted to work, Companies & Society stand to be enriched by granting them the privilege to work. Granting that permission also adds $$$,$$$,$ at least more to the Exchequer AND many of them bring valuable expertise AND are not going to be much of a deterrent to the Current unemployment challenges either, pragmatically & realistically speaking, I should like to think. BUT who cares…….right! That is sad & that tide needs to change to the betterment of Our Economy.”

Koshy George, CPA

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