AILA is reporting  that the Indian Consulate is issuing only six months visas to United States Citizens.  Until recently, U.S. citizens customarily received five to ten year Indian business visas.  This was reported by Minister Counselor James W. Herman, U.S. Embassy.  As such, Herman is indicating if such trends continues, the United States will also issue shorter B1 visas.

Well in response to this, we believe that the US should look into all the Indian citizens visa applications  denied under INA 221(g).  In a world where international business is necessary to the economic survival we believe the State Department should correct its own affairs to create a more friendly atmosphere.  It seems India is just retaliating to the treatment of its citizens.  We hope that the U.S. Government will mend the ways cases are being flatly denied or sent back for administrative processing under INA 221(g).

On the other hand, we also hope the Indian Government will correct their decision and allow U.S. Citizens to obtain longer terms in the business visas.


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Shah Peerally is an attorney licensed in California practicing immigration law and debt settlement. He has featured as an expert legal analyst for many TV networks such as NDTV, Times Now and Sitarree TV. Articles about Shah Peerally and his work have appeared on newspapers such as San Jose Mercury News, Oakland Tribune, US Fiji Times, Mauritius Le Quotidien, Movers & Shakers and other prominent international newspapers. His work has been commended by Congress women Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Lee. He has a weekly radio show on KLOK 1170AM and frequently participates in legal clinics in churches, temples and mosques. His law group, Shah Peerally Law Group, has represented clients all over the United States constantly dealing with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), Immigration and Custom Enforcement(ICE) and CBP (Customs Border Patrol (CBP) under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This department was formerly known as the Immigration and Nationality Services (INS).