03 Oct

Lost hope for Millions of Undocumented Immigrants

Today the US Supreme Court on a 4-4 tie decision refused to hear the case to reverse the decision in US v Texas. Texas and many other states filed a lawsuit to block President Obama to actually help millions of undocumented immigrants to obtain a work permit. A federal court granted the injunction lawsuit to…


29 Sep

Help the Refugees

An average shower of water is more than a refugee gets for a full day, please help. Thank you for helping us provide life-saving water in even the most remote areas. Ensuring health + dignity for those forced to flee. pic.twitter.com/eDbPZIkfJv — UN Refugee Agency (@Refugees) September 29, 2016


10 Sep

Donald Trump is against both legal and illegal immigration

Those who think that Donald Trump is pro-legal immigration are fooling themselves. He keeps talking about “illegals” and are classifying all of them as ‘criminals’.  This is really not only dangerous but also goes against all the real principles of the foundation of the United States. The hate of Donald Trump’s supporters are so blatant…


06 Sep

Asylum based on the issues in the Philippines.

Both President Obama and the President of the United Nations are now openly claiming that the Philippines is violating human rights on extra judicial killings.  The president of the Philippines, Duterte, is unequivocally stating that he will continue on this path.  He even went at odds with both the US, and the United Nations including…


23 Jun

Britain decides to exit the European Union – what does that mean for the rest of the world?

Brexit wins today. But a Brexit vote was not a vote against the European Union, it was a xenophobic, anti-immigration and anti-Muslim vote. Those who sold Brexit to Great Britain are those who preyed on the fear of people. Many of them are claiming victory for their racist ideology. Twitter is now trending with Brexit…


13 Jun

Orlando Events and Impact on Immigration

What happened in Orlando is not really something that any reasonable person can explain. It is the work of someone full of hate. The LGBT community has always been the target of massive discrimination and now with the massacre, it seems that it is never ending for them. While most people in the LGBT community…